Why Go For Solar ?

Solar Power generation has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing renewable sources of electricity. Solar power generation has several advantages over other forms of electricity generation.

Reduce your electricity bill 100%

Sun sources is free and once installed, your solar lightning/power system will reduce your electricity cost.

Reduce your carbon footprint

A typical home/industrial solar PV system saves over a tons of carbon Dioxides emission annually. It is clean, Green and free energy.

Feeding to the grid

If your system producing more electricity than you need, you can sell the surplus back to the grid.

Vision And Mission

Our Company Install, Supply and built costfree solar solution through continious innovation and to make our products readly available to all

Our Services

Solar EPC

Shed-based rooftop projects are technically challenging from the perspective of engineering as well as construction, keeping in mind their pre-determined inclination and their typical heights. Gensol’s penchant for quality and safety at heights has always given rise to our shed-based rooftop EPC projects stamped with extraordinary quality of design and execution.

Operation & Maintenance

TechDzire has built solar rooftop projects on concrete rooftops with non-penetrative foundations, thus, precluding any leakages issues. TechDzire employs it razor sharp engineering skills to optimize the weight of the foundations alongwith mounting structures to suit the load bearing capacity of the roof.

Project Consultancy

Ground mount solar project demand highest degree of engineering and execution capabilities, given the complex shape of land parcels and various site-specific factors that affect design and implementation of the projects.

Solar Water Panel

We provide least costing according to customer requirement.